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          Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) is one of the leading construction conglomerates in China and a pioneer in the development of modern cities, with work spanning decades. Publicly listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 1997, with footprints in more than 30 countries and regions, SCG was ranked 9th largest Global Contractor by Engineering News-Record in 2018.


          SCG’s portfolio features projects of all sizes and levels of complexity attributable to the possession of core technologies in the construction of high-rise buildings, infrastructure and transportation projects, public institutional facilities, industrial plants, major environment projects and more.

          Lupu Bridge, the steel-arch bridge with the longest span in the world; Shanghai Maglev Train, the world's first commercial maglev train line; East China Sea Bridge, China's first trans-ocean bridge; Shanghai’s landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower of 1,535 feet in height; newest addition to Shanghai's skyline, the megatall skyscraper Shanghai Tower, standing at 2,073 feet high, just to name a few.

           SCG’s line of business range from construction contracting to all aspects of the construction-related business, real estate development, investment and management of the public utilities and infrastructure and more. SCG, comprised of more than 300 subordinate state-owned and affiliate companies, is a pioneer in construction and engineering in China. Since 1998, SCG has been listed successively in the top 50 of the "Top 250 Global Contractors" by the U.S. Engineering News-Record.


          Shanghai Construction, with its business covering nearly the entire construction and building industry, is capable of integrating all related economic and social resources in its business. In the field of investment, construction and operation of urban infrastructure, Shanghai Construction owns a competitive and leading professional workforce which provides comprehensive general contacting service to the society. As the trade mark of Shanghai Construction, "SCG" has obtained the national certification of "Famous Brand of China".


          SCG will follow its mission statement, "With harmony as the fundamental principle, always pursuing the best", to accomplish more remarkable achievements, making sustained efforts in technical and management innovation, to create more architectural wonders for generations to come.

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